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Janet... was always 'a natural' at both expressing herself clearly and entertainingly through writing, but also in the rarer talent of helping others to get the most from their writing and ideas. Her talents have only refined and matured over the years. She is also disciplined and extremely self-motivated, highly conscientious and responsible." - Cecilia Tan, Circlet Press

"One of Janet’s strengths as a teacher is her talent for suiting her explanations to the needs and abilities of her audiences. I’ve seen her offer a fresh perspective for someone familiar with the topic and also present more basic information without making the person new to the material feel stupid." - Janice Broder, assistant professor, Bloomsburg University

Janet is available for speaking engagements, readings, workshops and panels related to the topics of her writing.  She requires that her travel expenses be covered; her honorarium is negotiable depending on time requirements, topic, and whether she can sell books at the event. She is open to developing custom workshops based on the interests and desires of the sponsoring group (however, she rarely does hands-on demonstrations, preferring to leave the teaching of technique to other instructors)Some topics she has taught in the past include:

•  Ethical Sluthood: foundations of nontraditional lifestyles

•  Sluthood Practicum: a place to brainstorm your most challenging poly issues

•  Girlfags and Guydykes: what they mean to our understanding of gender and orientation

•  Small Publishing and Self-Publishing for Alternative Cultures

•  BDSM Spirituality for the Left-Brained

•  Kundalini, Chi, Energy: what is it and how do we use It?

•  Beyond the Boundaries of Sex

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