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COMING TO LONDON! Janet will be appearing at FEELD, on 45 Curtain Road in London, at 7:00pm on Wednesday, October 3, talking about her life as a writer, pervert and polyamorist, reading some of her recent writing, and answering audience questions. For reservations: .

And also, Janet will be teaching her hands-on (!) spanking workshop, “Warm Hand, Warm Heart,” at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, Friday, Oct. 5, 6:30-8p. For reservations: .


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex. Multiple workshops, including Mono versus Poly: The Great DebateSluthood PracticumLove Beyond GenderFantasy Role Play Improv, and An Evening with Janet Hardy.  January 23-27.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Multiple events, including:

An Evening with Janet Hardy at Hares & Hyenas. Jan. 30. SOLD OUT!!!

Spanking: From Naughty to Nirvana. A day-long exploration of the art, craft and spiritual discipline of butt-whacking. You’ll learn everything from the most gentle basic hand spanking through spanking with implements, spanking in role, spanking as a breath practice, spanking as meditation, spanking as ecstasy and beyond! The day of learning will be followed by a relaxed and fun spanking play party where you can practice all you have learnt. January 31, 10:30a-6:00p.

Polyamory Intensive with Janet Hardy and Friends. Discover or deepen your understanding of ethical non-monogamy with Janet Hardy in a weekend long intensive this summer. This exciting opportunity offers participants insight, education, and an opportunity to explore polyamory and other ethical non-monogamy relationship styles. Day one (Ethical Sluthood) will be an introduction to polyamory and ethical non-monogamy. Day two (Sluthood Practicum) will be an opportunity for those who have a grounding in polyamorous relationships and want to explore the topics more deeply and expand the relationship tools they have on hand. You are welcome to attend one of the days or the entire weekend. Feb. 7-8, 10:30a-6:00p.

I HAD A GREAT TIME at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, presenting on “Queering Heterosexuality: Girlfaggery, Transeroticism and Other Emerging Identities.” For more information about Woodhull and the Summit, check out their website. 

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SANTA FE, AUGUST 2013 - Janet is a featured guest on Lucien Bonnafeux's radio show "Talk About Sex." The show originates at radio station KVSF, "The Voice of Santa Fe," and is livestreamed to other stations around the world. It is also available as a podcast.

NEW YORK, JUNE 2013 - Girlfag: A Life Told In Sex and Musicals is a double finalist - in the Lambda Literary Awards for "Best Bisexual Book" (a combined fiction/nonfiction category), and in the Bisexual Book Awards for "Best Nonfiction."

MAY 2013 - Janet's essay "The Awakening" (published as "My Tantric 'Awakening' Turned Me Off Sex") appears on and was republished on nearly 100 websites worldwide.

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