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From Impervious: Chronicles of a Semi-Retired Deviant (in progress)


…. And then I fucked him.

I wish I could say that first time was a revelation, that it released something male within me, that it set the stage for the rest of my life as a top. It didn’t, not then. I was too busy trying to remember what went where, trying to make sure the dildo hadn’t slipped out (without any nerves for feedback, that can happen quite easily, and there you are humping away with your dick skidding along his tailbone or down in the crease between his thigh and body and you don’t know it until he says something and then you have to line yourself up and try again to get it in that tight difficult hole), trying to keep adding what seemed like enough lube to grease a small car.

If I managed to wing his prostate a time or two, that was more good luck than good management – but, with a reacharound (one more thing to try to coordinate!), he eventually came as I unsnapped the cock ring. Then he collapsed.

© Janet Hardy 2016