Writing and editing

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Janet is available for the following:

— Freelance writing of personal essay, personal journalism, humor, food, theater/film criticism, sex information

— Editing of most book projects, particularly nontechnical nonfiction

— Book and other publication design, layout and production

— Consultation on book publishing and marketing

Workshops, discussions, demonstrations and one-on-one advice regarding polyamory, BDSM and nonbinary gender

— Small-group classes and private coaching in memoir, personal essay and self-publishing

— Writing advertising, direct mail, collateral material and press releases

Most projects are bid on a flat-fee basis. Special consideration is given to progressive causes and to  sexuality-related enterprises. Call 541-683-0961 or write Janet or for more information.

Janet Hardy transformed our writing. Her guidance was instrumental in taking our work to a new level. Her gentle critique, combined with her strong sense of humor, allows her to be accessible, energetic, and friendly. Her approach is always professional.

“Janet is a natural guide. She has a nurturing quality that infuses her teaching wtih warmth, encouragement, and concern. Her edits are clear, and fit perfectly with our work. She was able to create an effortless readable flow.

“We are proud to have her on our team and hope we can continue working together for years to come.” - Jug Brown, author team, Laguna Squeeze, Bagman’s Soup and others

My experience of working with Janet Hardy was literally a dream come true. After more than ten years of hoping I finally got the chance. The process of editing my book was easy and as stress-free as such a process could be. She was incredibly helpful about finding the holes in the writing without changing the sound or the tone. 

“I would absolutely recommend working with her." - Krissy Gibbs, author, Outrunning Suicide

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